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Translating the science of food and wellness into business building.


Stacey L. Krawczyk, MS, RD

Entrepreneur. Business Builder. Communicator.  Leader. Expert. 5th Gen Farmer. Mom. Foodie. Unicorn. 

You are probably wondering about that collection of adjectives!  Have you asked your team, “I really wish I had someone who knows how to commercialize an ingredient, food, or wellness service, but who can also talk about it from an expert’s point of view?   That my friends, is a Wellness Marketing Unicorn. Yes, we DO exist!


Food is more than simply nutrients, it is also the compilation of our celebrations, memories, and culture.


FoodWell Strategies President and Founder, Stacey Krawczyk, learned this very early in the kitchen of her Grandmother. This passion for nourishing others around the family table, combined with her expertise in nutrition and wellness, fuels her appetite for connecting others in the intersection of food and wellness to drive business.


Using a food systems informed approach, we partner with food & ag associations, health systems, organizations, health tech, and brands to unlock wellness opportunities by leveraging insights and evidence to develop marketing tools, messaging, and engagement activations.

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