Creating a



Everyone has an opinion, but what are the facts? Let us help establish credibility through reliable evidence approaches that are foundational to building trust and transparency.  We can:

  • Cultivate persuasive 
    claims grounded in integrity and 


  • Translate and leverage science for evidence-based messaging and claims.

Building Your

FOOD & Wellness


The food landscape is dynamic and personal; how do you know which trends are ready to tip and are practical for your business? Our expertise includes:

  • Intuition: Instinctive understanding of the food landscape and ability to identify trends with viable extensions to commercialize.

  • Market Intelligence: Leverage trends as business drivers through competitive analysis, lands assessment, and navigation.


Protection for Your


In an environment filled with risk “landmines,” we can help navigate and chart a path forward to inform issues that impact your brands and products. Our expertise includes:

  • Policy Affairs: Create a comprehensive food & wellness strategy to amplify and inform policies and protection narratives. 

  • Representation: Serve as your advocate at strategic industry or    NGO events and organizational meetings.

FINESSE to Drive

Engagement &


Engagement is key for connecting your brand and products with consumers through communication and messaging by leveraging influencers and providing holistic programming. Let us help drive your performance by:

  • Strategic Overlay: Build holistic Health & Wellness communications and an engagement platform for business-building synergy from execution to evaluation.

  • Storytelling: Craft compelling messaging, collateral and training that drives business impact. Serve as an expert Brand Spokesperson for engagement, media, or trade show events.

  • Engagement: Develop
    and manage strategic approaches to leverage influencers to tell your story.

  • Culinary Nutrition Consultations: Create vibrant food experiences for a variety of audiences through recipe development, formulation consultation, and sampling events.


Stacey Krawczyk, MS, RD
President and Principal Consultant


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