Creating a



Everyone has an opinion, but what are the facts? We establish credibility through reliable evidence approaches that are foundational to building trust and transparency.  We can:

  • Cultivate persuasive 
    claims grounded in integrity and 


  • Translate and leverage science for evidence-based messaging and claims.


Building Your

FOOD & Wellness


The food landscape is dynamic and personal; how do you know which trends are ready to tip and are practical for your business? Our expertise includes:

  • Expert Intuition: Critical understanding of the food landscape and marketable trends.

  • Market Intelligence: Drive business through identifying points of distinction in  competitive analysis and crafting strategies to leverage.



Protection for Your


In an environment filled with risk “landmines,” we can help navigate and chart a path forward to inform issues that impact your brands and products. Our expertise includes:

  • Policy Affairs: Create a comprehensive food & wellness strategy to amplify and inform policies and protection narratives. 

  • Representation: Serve as your advocate at strategic industry or    NGO events and organizational meetings.


FINESSE to Drive

Engagement &


Engagement is key for connecting your brand and products with consumers  Let us help drive performance by:

  • Strategic Overlay: Build holistic Health & Wellness platform for business-building synergy, from execution to evaluation.

  • Storytelling: Craft compelling messaging, collateral and training that drives business impact. Serve as an expert Brand Spokesperson for engagement, media, or trade show events.

  • Engagement: Develop
    and manage strategic approaches to leverage influencers to tell your story.

  • Culinary Nutrition Consultations: Create vibrant and accessible food experiences for a variety of audiences -  through recipe development, product formulation consultation, and sampling events.