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Do you need a comprehensive nutrition communication or messaging strategy?

Do you need thoughtful expert consultation on product or service development?

Do you need a subject matter expert to speak on your behalf to multiple audiences?

Building Business & Reputation



Research & Development Consultation for innovation, renovation, marketplace point of differentiation, and advice on viable trends.

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Build External Confidence by creating evidence-based content, claims, & messaging.



Cultivate Synergistic Connections through content or recipe development, policy and affairs engagement, building partnership networks and developing engaging multi-channel activations.

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Stacey has helped our team prioritize the food & wellness attributes with the greatest value for our customers. Besides being a pleasure to work with, Stacey has a unique strength translating nutrition science into easy-to-understand communications across different audiences.

Paloma Lopez, CEO/Co-Founder at Future Fit Foods

I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey several times during our tenure at Kellogg. She is a highly accountable and impactful Nutrition Business Partner. Several brands including Special K and HI! Happy Inside benefitted from her bias for action, strategic recommendations, and her deep relationships with many nutrition influencers and agencies. She has a passion for brands and our business results were enhanced thanks to her consistent partnership. I look forward to partnering with Stacey again in the future.

Aleta Chase, Senior Marketing Executive

Stacey has brought top tier expertise and an unbeatable work ethic to our team. She is excellent at translating science for other health influencers, PR agency staff, as well as for consumers. In her RD consultant role, she has assisted in development of a science-based messaging strategy that will guide our communications efforts for the foreseeable future. Stacey has also been of immeasurable help in working with our Scientific Advisory Board to craft message pillars that serve as guideposts for all our programming efforts and research investments.

Erin Ball, Director Public Relations and Science at the Grain Foods Foundation

Business Impact

I have worked with many different food companies and contacts in various roles over the years, and my working relationship with Stacey will always be memorable! Yes, she has a great personality and is easy to work with, but sincerely she is a fantastic coach. I admired how she clearly understood the therapeutic benefits of my nutritional ingredient and was easily able to translate the technical benefits into messages the different brands at Kellogg could leverage in the marketplace. I appreciated her strategic approach to gaining interest internally, helping me navigate the organization, and keeping the message relevant to each of the brands' goals. Stacey is excellent at identifying prospective innovation and communicates ideas well throughout an organization from both internal stakeholders' and consumer's standpoints.

Jessica Myers, Sales Account Manager at Balchem

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