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Stacey L. Krawczyk, MS, RD

What sets us apart?

​​As a registered dietitian with three decades' of experience, not only can I speak to the science and evidence, but I can also craft impactful messaging in a way to meet the needs of multiple audiences: consumers, media, B2B, buyers, internal teams, and influencers – both credentialed experts and lifestyle folks.


My expertise ranges from food & beverage companies, ingredient manufacturers, ag technology groups, trade associations, PR agencies, health tech, and the like.


I have worked on the innovation and marketing of legacy global billion-dollar brands and small start-ups, and everything in between.

I am a solutions-driven partner that seeks to link and leverage assets and resources for the mutual win!

President, Principal Consultant

Greek Food

What does a Wellness Marketing Unicorn Do?

Collaborate with R&D teams on product innovation leveraging the marketplace points of differentiation and viable trends.

- Craft compelling messaging, content, and claims to drive business and credibility.

- Communicate with authority on behalf of your company, brand, or product.

- Create engaging experiences to connect audiences to your product or service.

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